The ISAPP Students and Fellows Association (ISAPP-SFA) was created in 2009 as an initiative to link trainees working in fields related to probiotics, prebiotics and health effects of commensal microbes. We operate as a student-led branch of our parent group, ISAPP ( ISAPP aims to advance scientific excellence in probiotics and prebiotics.

Our goal as ISAPP-SFA is to create an interactive network of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows across the globe working on probiotics, prebiotics or related fields, and thus promote real-time interactions, intellectual and technical exchanges, and other networking opportunities for our members. We intend to act as a resource for ISAPP and the industry, providing a communication platform to facilitate scientific discussions, internships and employment opportunities among qualified researchers in the field.

The membership application form for ISAPP-SFA is available here. You can contact us at or visit our Facebook page.

ISAPP, our parent organization, now has a Facebook page and a monthly newsletter! Like their page here and subscribe to the newsletter here for even more news from the leading experts in the field of probiotics and prebiotics.